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Fracture Surgery

How Will I Know if my Fracture or Broken Bone Needs Surgery?

Many displaced fractures may be amenable to surgical treatment.  Indications for surgical fixation include severe angulation, an open fracture or perhaps a fracture involving a major weight-bearing region.  The goal of surgical treatment is to improve alignment and in many cases to get you mobilizing much faster.  Discuss your options for treatment of the fracture with our orthopedic specialists.


What Happens During a Fracture Surgery?

A surgery for treatment of a fracture is usually termed an “Open Reduction and Internal Fixation” procedure.  This denotes that the surgeon will perform a dissection through an incision to gain access to the traumatized bone.  The fracture ends are then aligned and metal implants may be placed to hold the fracture in a stable position.  These implants may include metal rods, pins, screws and plates.



What Kind of Fractures Do We Treat?

Our orthopedic specialists are trained to manage fractures of the entire musculoskeletal system.  This ranges from finger fractures all the way to hip and pelvis fractures.  See below for a few videos about types of fractures we treat.


Femoral Neck Fractures:


Ankle Fractures:


Wrist Fractures:


Humerus Fractures: