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Hip & Pelvis Problems


One of the best orthopedic doctors and hip specialists in the Austin, TX and San Antonio, TX region provides care for hip and pelvis problems.  The orthopedic specialists here have the knowledge and experience you deserve when it comes to relieving your pain.

Hip Arthritis

The hip is composed of two bones, the head of the femur (ball on top of thigh bone) and the acetabulum (socket) that is a portion of the pelvis. The ends of these bones that move about each other have a layer of cartilage, which forms the surface of the joint. In arthritis the cartilage layer is progressively destroyed by mechanical factors and inflammation. 

Hip Labrum Tears

Labral tears often cause pain in the groin or front of the hip during physical activity or with deep flexion (bending) and rotation of the hip. Some individuals with labral tears of the hip will also have clicking or a sense of catching deep within the hip during certain activities.

Hip Impingment

The term “Cam Impingement” is used to describe extra bone formation in front of and at the superior aspect of the femoral head and neck junction. In this scenario, as the hip is flexed the area of extra bone growth called the “cam deformity” will engage the anterior aspect of the socket.

Hip Dysplasia

The hip dysplasia that is noted in adult patients is generally considered a developmental dysplasia of the hip that gradually changes during one’s childhood. Here the acetabulum is under-developed and is noted to be shallow. This leaves a small amount of cartilage on the socket to bear the weight of the body.

Avascular Necrosis

In avascular necrosis, or hip AVN, the blood supply to the femoral head is disrupted. This in turn causes death of the bone beneath the cartilage, which may compromise the structural integrity of the femoral head. In advanced cases the bone will collapse leaving a defect under the cartilage that causes an abnormal shape of the head.

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