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Knee Replacement Surgeon Austin, TX

With recent advancements in technology and procedures for knee replacement, getting long-term relief from chronic knee pain has never been easier or quicker. Dr. Christopher Jimenez at Joint Pain Orthopedics is widely regarded as the best knee surgeon in Austin and is backed up by a staff of compassionate, knowledgeable healthcare professionals.

Dr. Jimenez performs minimally invasive knee replacement procedures designed to limit the damage to the tissue around your knee, typically under a spinal anesthetic, allowing for maximum comfort throughout the process.


Joint Pain Orthopedics for Knee Replacement Austin, TX Trusts

In a total knee arthroplasty, more commonly known simply as knee replacement surgery, involves Dr. Jimenez removing the damaged cartilage, and other diseased and worn portions of your knee, and replacing the surface of the bones with metal. Plastic liners are then inserted between the artificial surfaces of your femur and tibia.

Dr. Jimenez and his impressive staff have performed a large number of successful joint replacement surgeries. Years of training and experience, and the improvements in surgical procedures and equipment, results in a significant decrease in the number and severity of complications following knee replacement surgery at Joint Pain Orthopedics.


Recovery from Knee Replacement Austin, TX Patients Rely On

The professional staff at Joint Pain Orthopedics has developed and refined an extensive protocol for the rapid recovery from knee replacement surgery and an increase in pain control.

Recovery times can vary from patient to patient, depending on their definition of “recovery,” personal rehabilitation tolerance, and patient expectations and goals. Patients are generally walking within the same day, and it typically takes only a couple of hours for knee replacement surgery patients to be up on their feet and walking with the assistance of a physical therapist.

The time it takes for knee replacement surgery patients to complete the therapy process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.


Hospital Stay for Knee Replacement Surgery at Joint Pain Orthopedics

There are several factors that determine how long you will be in the hospital for knee replacement surgery, including:

  • Patient’s health status
  • Fitness level
  • Patient’s threshold for pain, rehabilitation

A small percentage of patients are candidates for outpatient knee replacement surgery, meaning they do not stay in the hospital overnight. However, the majority of patients can expect to remain in the hospital up to a couple of days after the procedure. This allows for more effective pain management and gives the patient a solid start on therapy and reestablishing their mobility.


Joint Pain Orthopedics Surgery for Knee Replacement Austin, TX Trusts

Dr. Christopher Jimenez is the knee replacement surgeon Austin residents have relied on for years. The skill and precision of Dr. Jimenez, paired with the exceptional team of healthcare professionals, will put you at ease and make you comfortable throughout the process. For complete information on minimally invasive surgery for knee replacement Austin, TX trusts, contact a member of Dr. Jimenez’s team at Joint Pain Orthopedics today.

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Jay Mcfarland
15:06 18 Feb 20
I can not understate how much I would recommend Dr.Jimenez. I have been to a lot of doctors for my knees. Dr. Jimenez is the best. I had Bi-lateral knee replacement on Dec 30,2019. I was up and walking on day 2. Two weeks out walking with little assistance other than a cane. Most importantly, PAIN FREE! I honestly didnt think that would ever be possible again. I would recommend him to anyone. His staff is top notch. Very friendly and professional. They made me feel comfortable and kept me informed on what to expect throughout the process. Thankyou so much Naomi,Henry and Dr.jimenez! Yall are a Godsend!read more
Andrea Stearns
01:01 11 Dec 19
Dr. Jimenez is an exceptional surgeon and an incredible person. He and his team go above and beyond for his patients. Dr. Jimenez replaced both my hips August 2018. Recovery was quick thanks to the surgical approach and Dr. Jimenez’s expert skill.  He is a real-life super hero!read more
Joy Pehl
19:34 04 Dec 19
Wanda Corbitt
17:50 13 Nov 19
I chose Dr. Jimenez based on the reviews. I had my first appointment with theNurse Practitioner. He was very pleasant and explained everything to me. I am still waiting for an appointment to get injections in both knees. The issue is with the Medical Assistant,Naomi. I talked with her personally and was told she hasn’t had time to get approval. I am inclined to go to a different Doctor just because of her attitude. She literally said she is only one person and injections weren’t a priority. I hope the Dr. And Nurse Practioner are aware that she is running patients more
Jeff Reeder
22:46 11 Nov 19