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Knee Replacement Surgeon San Antonio

If you are experiencing severe knee pain as a result of arthritis or a traumatic knee injury, then we have great news for you. Dr. Christopher Jimenez and the staff of orthopedic healthcare specialists at Joint Pain Orthopedics perform minimally invasive knee replacement surgery San Antonio relies on to relieve long-term knee pain.

Knee pain and inflammation from arthritis or trauma can limit your ability to flex and straighten your knees. The knee replacement San Antonio patients get at Joint Pain Orthopedics is an effective solution if your knees have become worn from deterioration of arthritis or trauma.


Knee Surgeon San Antonio Trusts to Relieve Pain, Inflammation

Christopher Jimenez, MD, is a specialty knee surgeon San Antonio sufferers of chronic knee pain go-to for minimally invasive knee replacement surgery. Dr. Jimenez founded Joint Pain Orthopedics based on a significant increase in patients needing a wide range of pain management treatments for arthritis, accidents, and other disabilities and dysfunction in your knees.

Dr. Jimenez studied locally at the University of Texas at San Antonio and attended medical school at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Medicine. He went through his orthopedic surgery residency at the University of Utah before fellowships in adult reconstruction and hip preservation at the Hip and Pelvis Institute in Santa Monica, CA, and the Los Angeles Orthopedic Institute.

At Joint Pain Orthopedics, Dr. Jimenez is a knee surgeon San Antonio trusts to manage complex knee injuries and ailments with customized treatment plans, including minimally invasive knee replacement surgery. Dr. Jimenez works with live Oak Health Partners, managing joint injury patients throughout Central Texas, including San Antonio, Austin, and San Marcos.


Knee Replacement San Antonio Recovery Expectations

The surgical procedure for knee replacement San Antonio trusts is called total knee arthroplasty. Dr. Jimenez removes your damaged knee cartilage and other diseased areas of your knee and uses metal to replace worn portions of your knee. Plastic liners are then inserted in between these artificial surfaces of your knee.

Modern advances in technology and science have made knee replacement surgery San Antonio patients use to relieve chronic knee pain a more streamlined, minimally invasive procedure. Dr. Jimenez and his staff use years of formal training and experience, along with the latest equipment and processes that result in fewer complications and faster healing times.

Through years of experience and success stories, Dr. Jimenez and the staff of orthopedic healthcare professionals developed and refined an effective protocol system to get knee replacement San Antonio patients free of pain, and back on walking on their own.

Actual recovery times vary depending on a number of factors, first of which is how you define and measure recovery. If you have a lower tolerance to the rehabilitation process and are motivated to work harder, you will be up and around quicker. These days, knee replacement patients are typically on their feet and walking with assistance with a few hours of the procedure. Therapy for a knee replacement surgery San Antonio patient can range from between a few weeks to several months. 

As the pain from the surgery wanes, you will be able to use your knee as you always have, only without the chronic pain. Most people are eventually able to fully participate in most of the activities they did before, like walking, cycling, tennis, golf, and swimming.

Knee replacement surgery is implanting artificial parts and components that will not last forever, though modern technology is extending the lifespan of joint replacements every year. You can expect knee replacement surgeries to last for decades in the majority of patients.


Hospital Stay for Knee Replacement Surgery San Antonio Patients

Same day knee replacement surgery, also known as outpatient, rapid-recovery, or ambulatory knee replacement surgery, is just what it sounds. Just a few years ago, it would be inconceivable to have such a major surgery and return home the same day. However, advancements in technology and pain management now allow for this remarkable feat to happen.

Same-day knee replacement surgery is only available for fit patients and in great health, do not smoke, and those who have a solid support system ready for them at home.

Most patients who receive knee replacement surgeries from Joint Pain Orthopedics can expect a hospital stay of a couple of days to give you a solid start on rehabilitative therapy and mobility training, as well as get a handle on your pain management. The length of your hospital stay and how long it will take to fully recover from knee replacement surgery is greatly influenced by your motivation to get back on your feet and enjoying a pain-free experience.


Why Choose Joint Pain Orthopedics for Knee Replacement Surgery San Antonio?

Surgeries for knee replacement San Antonio relies upon are safer and faster than ever before. Complications from surgeries through Joint Pain Orthopedics are very rare. Dr. Jimenez is a knee surgeon San Antonio trust who spent years of training and his entire distinguished career performing knee and hip replacement surgeries.

Dr. Jimenez and the impressive staff at Joint Pain Orthopedics take great pride in providing successful knee replacement surgery San Antonio patients need to deal with chronic knee pain. They are dedicated to exceptional customer service to make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire process.

Contact the best knee surgeon San Antonio has to offer at Joint Pain Orthopedics for complete information on our wide range of services and treatments or to schedule your next appointment today.