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Orthopedic Urgent Care

Why Choose Us For Orthopedic Urgent Care Needs?

Imagine you have fallen down while trying to change a light bulb in your house and have sustained an injury to your wrist. Or put yourself in a scenario where you have twisted your ankle and are having difficulty putting weight on it. Where would you normally go to get evaluated?

Option 1: Go to an emergency room or urgent care and get seen by a non-orthopedic provider, undergo imaging and get told that you have a fractured/broken wrist or ankle. This is only after you have wasted an extensive amount of time in the waiting room sitting next to people that are coughing and sneezing. Then you get a splint applied and are instructed to seek care with an orthopedic surgeon for definitive management. You end up with a large bill for services rendered and are many times burdened by needing to find your own orthopedic provider.

Option 2: Come to the Joint Pain Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic and get evaluated by an orthopedic specialist with no significant waiting time. You get seen by an orthopedic provider and get an expert opinion regarding your orthopedic injury. Our ortho urgent care clinic is capable of getting radiographs (x-rays) during your visit and can order advanced imaging such as an MRI or CT scan to get done in a timely fashion with no delay. Using this option, you save money by avoiding the large bills associated with the emergency room and you save the headache of needing to find an orthopedic provider to manage your injury for the long-term.


Orthopedic Injuries Managed

  • Ankle & Foot Sprains and Fractures
  • Wrist and Hand Injuries and Pain
  • Hip & Knee Injuries and Pain
  • Swollen Joints
  • Elbow Injuries and Pain
  • Shoulder Injuries and Pain

Treatments & Imaging Available

  • X-Ray on Site
  • Rapid Ordering of MRI and CT
  • Casting and Splinting
  • Medication Consultation
  • Bracing
  • Surgical Management of Injuries
  • Steroid Injections