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If you are experiencing chronic joint pain and discomfort and are looking for help. The San Antonio orthopedics specialists at Joint Pain Orthopedics offers a wide range of successful treatment options facilitated by leading orthopedic physician Dr. Christopher Jimenez and his staff of orthopedic healthcare professionals.

Chronic knee and hip problems typically result in pain and mobility issues that prevent you from living life to the fullest. Dr. Jimenez is a highly respected orthopedic surgeon San Antonio trusts to perform successful, minimally invasive joint replacement surgery designed to relieve and manage pain.


San Antonio Orthopedics for Chronic Knee, Hip Pain

Every patient and every injury is different. Joint Pain Orthopedics understands the anxiety and frustration of dealing with chronic joint pain. The pain management element is exhausting and adjusting your lifestyle to fit the limits your ailing knees or hips puts a damper on your daily quality of life. Dr. Jimenez and his staff use modern advances in technology and science, and years of training and experience, to provide effective pain relief for patients throughout Central Texas.

Dr. Jimenez and his staff will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that works best for you and your condition. Joint Pain Orthopedics has a team of professionals who perform both operative and non-operative treatment options. Dr. Jimenez is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon San Antonio trusts to use a combination of injections, medication, and surgical procedures to most effectively manage your pain and get your full range of motion back.

With an education that included fellowships in adult reconstruction and hip preservation, at the Hip and Pelvis Institute and the Los Angeles Orthopedic Institute, Dr. Jimenez has dedicated his career to performing knee and hip replacement surgeries.


What Joint Pain Orthopedics Treats

Joint Pain Orthopedics is a full-service San Antonio orthopedics clinic led by Dr. Christopher Jimenez, a highly respected orthopedic surgeon San Antonio trusts to treat a wide range of knee and hip conditions.

Whether you have developed arthritis in your knees or hips or sustained a knee or hip injury in an athletic competition or other activity, Joint Pain Orthopedics will diagnose the extent of your condition and apply an effective, safe, and proven treatment into place.

Among the joint injuries and conditions treated by the San Antonio orthopedics professionals at Joint Pain Orthopedics includes:

Knee Problems

  • Knee arthritis
  • Knee tendon injuries
  • Knee ligament injuries
  • Meniscus tears

Hip Problems

  • Hip arthritis
  • Hip labrum tears hip impingement
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Fractures


Respected Orthopedic Surgeon San Antonio Trusts for Joint Pain Relief

Dr. Jimenez is a specially trained and highly experienced orthopedic surgeon San Antonio relies on for the relief of painful and debilitating knee and hip injuries and conditions.

An extraordinary customer service team is dedicated to making you as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process on your way to pain-free knees and hips. Contact Joint Pain Orthopedics today to have all of your questions about the San Antonio orthopedics services, and treatment options answered, or to schedule your next appointment. 

What we Treat

Knee Treatments
Knee Arthritis
Knee Tendon Injuries
Knee Ligament Injuries
Meniscus Tears

Hip Treatments
Hip Arthritis
Hip Labrum Tears
Hip Impingement
Hip Dysplasia
Avascular Necrosis


Jay Mcfarland
15:06 18 Feb 20
I can not understate how much I would recommend Dr.Jimenez. I have been to a lot of doctors for my knees. Dr. Jimenez is the best. I had Bi-lateral knee replacement on Dec 30,2019. I was up and walking on day 2. Two weeks out walking with little assistance other than a cane. Most importantly, PAIN FREE! I honestly didnt think that would ever be possible again. I would recommend him to anyone. His staff is top notch. Very friendly and professional. They made me feel comfortable and kept me informed on what to expect throughout the process. Thankyou so much Naomi,Henry and Dr.jimenez! Yall are a Godsend!read more
Andrea Stearns
01:01 11 Dec 19
Dr. Jimenez is an exceptional surgeon and an incredible person. He and his team go above and beyond for his patients. Dr. Jimenez replaced both my hips August 2018. Recovery was quick thanks to the surgical approach and Dr. Jimenez’s expert skill.  He is a real-life super hero!read more
Joy Pehl
19:34 04 Dec 19
Wanda Corbitt
17:50 13 Nov 19
I chose Dr. Jimenez based on the reviews. I had my first appointment with theNurse Practitioner. He was very pleasant and explained everything to me. I am still waiting for an appointment to get injections in both knees. The issue is with the Medical Assistant,Naomi. I talked with her personally and was told she hasn’t had time to get approval. I am inclined to go to a different Doctor just because of her attitude. She literally said she is only one person and injections weren’t a priority. I hope the Dr. And Nurse Practioner are aware that she is running patients more
Jeff Reeder
22:46 11 Nov 19