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Shoulder Injections

What is a Shoulder Injection?

Shoulder injection therapy refers to a medication or combination of medications that can be injected into the shoulder region.  The shoulder is a complex region and has several regions that can cause pain.  Shoulder injections may be directed toward the glenohumeral joint, acromioclavicular joint or perhaps the subacromial space to name a few.  Medications are then directed into the region through the use of a needle, which can be introduced using image-guided technology or knowledge of the anatomy.

Is Image-Guidance Required for Shoulder Injections?

There are some injections that require the use of image guidance to help direct the medication to the presumed source of pain.  This may include ultrasound or fluoroscopy.


What kind of Medications can be Injected into the Shoulder?


A cortisone, or steroid injection, is one of the most common shoulder injections available to treat a variety of maladies affecting the shoulder.  This usually contains a combination of anesthetic medicine in addition to the steroid, which may take some time to achieve a therapeutic effect.

What we Treat

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William Crall
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Doctors and staff are very kind.
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17:19 06 Sep 20
Dr.Jimenez is a great physician. My knee pain became very painful and friends thought I’d need a replacement. No. Dr.Jimenez injected into my kneecap and the pain stopped. He also repaired my ankle. Thanks, Gerry more
Suzi Fields
19:53 09 Aug 20