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Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Treatments

How Can We Treat Your Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Injuries?

The landscape of Austin Orthopedics and Sports Medicine has evolved where you as a patient now have the choice of where to obtain the highest quality care.  The orthopedic specialists at Joint Pain Orthopedics have the subspecialty training required to effectively diagnose and manage your sports medicine injuries, orthopedic injuries and degenerative conditions.  Sports medicine in Austin and Central Texas today encompasses a broad array of injuries managed both operatively and non-operatively for the patients that enjoy physical activity.

Our goal at the Joint Pain Orthopedics Sports Medicine department is to maximize function, minimize pain and get you back to what you love to do as soon as medically possible.  It doesn’t matter if you are a high-school athlete, weekend warrior, Pickleball champion or leisure golfer.  We are comfortable taking care of the patient at whatever level of competition.

Our Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Department has been compartmentalized to better help you navigate toward what you may need.  Click on the links below to learn more about the methods we use to get you back to what you love.


Do the following scenarios sound similar? We can Help!

Shoulder: Shoulder dislocations can result in damage to structures inside your shoulder such as the labrum and rotator cuff.  Surgeries may be directed at these injuries to prevent or decrease your risk for recurrent dislocations or reduce the potential for causing more degenerative changes.

Knee: An ACL rupture may result in a constant sense of instability in the knee that prohibits you from enjoying the sporting activities you love.  Surgery directed at reconstructing this damaged ligament may provide you with the stability needed to pivot and get back to what you love.

Hip: Lateral hip pain may be an indicator of a gluteus medius tendon tear.  This in combination with bursitis may lead to a syndrome called Lateral Hip Syndrome, which can cause debilitating pain and a limp.  Surgery directed towards this may decrease the constant pain on the side of your hip.

Hand: Numbness and pain may be an indicator of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affecting your hand.  Symptoms may be managed with a brace or potentially medications; however, if these fail our specialists may be able to provide relief of these symptoms with a carpal tunnel surgery.

Foot: Has your foot progressively looked flatter?  This may indicate a problem with the posterior tibial tendon that may be remedied with either bracing or a surgical procedure such as a tendon repair or tendon transfer.

Elbow: Has your pickle-ball or tennis practice caused you to have sharp pains on the side of the elbow?  Is this making it difficult to open jars or carry objects?  This could indicate a problem in the tendons of the elbow that may be improved with the correct brace or medication.

Spine:  Do you have numbness and tingling radiating from your back toward your toes?  This may be an indicator of a herniated disc causing your symptoms.  We can effectively diagnose and manage this with the appropriate therapy and medication regiment.


Common sports and accident injuries include:

Football: ankle sprains and fractures, ACL ruptures, meniscus tears, clavicle fracture, shoulder dislocations and separations

Golf: medial epicondylitis, meniscus tears, hip labrum tears

Pickleball & Tennis: achilles tendon ruptures, lateral epicondylitis, meniscus tears, rotator cuff tears

Basketball: ACL ruptures, elbow dislocations, mallet finger, achilles tendon ruptures.


The benefit of care at Joint Pain Orthopedics is the specialization that our orthopedic providers have, which allows us to laser focus on a small subset of conditions that affects a great percentage of people with sports injuries and chronic conditions.  This allows us to treat every condition with operative and non-operative measures giving you the ability to remain with one clinic for all of your musculoskeletal care!  No gimmicks or surprises.  Just good old fashion care from competent providers.